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Our extensive experience in education gives us a unique perspective. We know what it's like to be a teacher balancing the needs of a diverse group of children, and we also know how vitally important a school psychologist or counselor can be to a healthy student body. 


Every school has its own unique strengths, just as every school has its own unique challenges. Our philosophy is to help you champion those strengths to tackle those challenges so you can foster the most fulfilling environment for your learners.


Our global team of multidisciplinary educational experts help international schools by connecting student & teachers with exactly the support they need anywhere in the world.


Connect to our global team of learning and mental health specialists so you can spend less time worrying and more time leading.

Live & Remote Psychoeducational Assessments for Students in International Schools

Are you looking for state of the art evaluations to assess the individual learning profiles of your students? Do you need a school psychologist on short notice for an emergency? Is hiring an on-site school psychologist not feasible for your school? 

We provide full school psychologist services online, on-site at your international school, and in our center in Berlin.

Internationally-minded practical inclusion workshops for schools

Looking for engaging, interactive trainings to help your staff with inclusion, diversity, and mental health? Want to save on costly professional development conferences by having experts come to your school? Need a way to keep up professional learning online during when travel is restricted?
Improve instruction and school climate with live and online workshops designed by multidisciplinary practitioners for teachers and school leaders to immediately use in their schools. 


A comprehensive student support services team at your fingertips

 Are there gaps in your student support team? Would you like to offer more support for your students than available on staff? Are you looking for trusted therapists or specialists to add to your student support team without the costs of hiring more staff?
Our international team of experts include occupational therapists, educational psychologists, speech therapists, child & adolescent therapists, learning & behavioral support teachers, bilingualism experts, and dyslexia trainers. Not only can they work online with students in 1:1 and group settings, they can help guide your staff by developing strategies, working in your student support teams, and providing expert advice. 

Fresh perspectives from experts in international education.

​Would an external evaluation help clarify a challenging situation? Do you need fresh ideas to move ahead in your inclusion practices? Would you like to improve your school climate?


We take a strengths-oriented approach to all problems, building on existing expertise and assets when helping a school tackle its challenges. With our multicultural backgrounds and extensive international experience, we are able to understand and support global education with state of the art research and tools.

On-demand solutions-focused support for leaders, counselors & staff.

Are you looking to make change in your school, your leadership style or your teaching? Do your staff find it difficult to manage the stressors of international teaching or boarding school work with friends and family far away? Does your position demand high levels of confidentiality that sometimes leave you feeling alone?

Choose an expert or mentor from our experienced leadership coaches and consultants. We are available online or on-site to help you and implement practical solutions that will make a difference.

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