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Mind Mentors:

1:1 Coaching Program for Boosting Focus & Organizational Skills


A strengths-based coaching program for children ages 8-12.

Children often face challenges in initiating tasks, organizing their belongings, managing stress, and effectively handling their time. Despite their best efforts, they may find themselves in trouble for forgetting things or struggling to maintain focus.

Our new Mind Mentors Coaching program for kids, designed by a team of international school psychologists, is an 8-session coaching program focused on boosting kids' focus and organizational skills. It emphasizes the development and practice of skills that contribute to their academic, social, and personal growth. Throughout the program, children will enhance their abilities in self-awareness, goal setting, organization, time management, stress tolerance, emotion regulation, flexibility, and social awareness—providing a foundation for their future success.


  • Strength-based program designed to build and practice academic and social growth for kids aged 8-12.

  • Assessments will be conducted prior to and after completion to demonstrate progress.

  • 2 parent meetings with a Mind Mentors coach (introduction and progress monitoring).

  • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions with the child and Mind Mentors coach, each lasting 60 minutes with movement breaks.

  • Beautifully illustrated workbooks and lesson plans.

  • An option to extend the program with two additional child/coach sessions to further address and practice stress tolerance techniques and social flexibility.

  • Sessions are conducted online (across all time zones) or in person at the Linden office in Berlin, Germany.

  • The child does not need to have an ADHD diagnosis.

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Session 1. My Awesome Unique Brain!

Get to know your coach and learn about yourself.  What are your “highways” (things that come easy to you) and “construction” (things that are challenging) zones? What do you love and what motivates you? These will be the keys to make learning more fun, to start and keep going on tasks and to push through academic challenges. 

Happy Gamer

Session 2. Help! Distractions Everywhere!

There are lots of distractions in our minds and around us. Learn what distracts us and notice how these distractions impact our school work, friendships and even our ability to achieve our own goal. Being aware will help us make choices instead of letting distractions decide for us. 

Session 3. Focus Boosters: What Does My Body Need to Stay Focused?

Find ways to concentrate on really listening to our body and finding out what it needs so we can be successful when we work on school projects and other activities that require us to stay calm and be focused.

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Session 4. Friendship Boosters

Maintaining friendships can be challenging. In this meeting we will learn about different perspectives and try to better understand how we can actively tune our attention for internal and external cues so that we can deepen our friendships and avoid frustrations.

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Session 5. Managing Stress & Frustration at Home & School

Learn tools for dealing with stress and frustration so they do not get in the way of moving forward with activities you really want to participate in.

Session 6. Big Dreams, Small Steps 

Learning to set goals and achieve them leads to becoming more independent. It can be very overwhelming when our goals are too large or broad to figure out how to get started on them. Learn how to break down what we want to achieve into small parts so we can get started and feel good along the way.

Session 7. Making Time for Things I Need & Want

It is challenging to work on a school project in a non-school setting. Learn how to plan realistically so you experience success- doing something, even if it is not complete, is better than doing nothing- it gets us close to our goal!

Soccer Player

Session 8. Letting Others Know What I Need To Succeed

Learn how to communicate with your teachers and your parents so they know how to help you be successful.  Recap all the great tools and techniques you have learned throughout the program.

Meet Our Mind Mentors Coaches

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South Africa




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ADHD is not a hurdle; it's a superpower waiting to unfold. In the unique rhythm of their thoughts and the boundless energy within, our kids possess a strength that defies the ordinary.

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