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Professional development for international schools

Available Onsite or Online

Linden Global Learning workshops are designed to be engaging, interactive, and based on the latest research in the field of education and child psychology. Our workshops aims to stimulate open conversations about strategies and best practices that support the growth and development of diverse learners. Facilitators are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces to help foster discussion, self-reflection, questioning and interaction. 

Using online pre-workshop questionnaires 4-6 weeks prior to the workshop, we capture participants’ biggest questions to be sure we are addressing their most pressing needs. The efficacy of each workshop is measured with post-workshop evaluations that we share with your school.

In addition to our standard workshops below, we offer bespoke workshops especially tailored to a school's individual need and cultural setting. Each workshop can be tailored for parents, staff, or school leadership and presented online or in person.



  • Child Development Post Pandemic: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities 

  • From Math Anxiety to Math Efficacy - A Solutions-focused Workshop for Teachers

  • The Power of Thoughts: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Strategies for Young Children  (For Counselors)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For  Teens: Building Resilience & Changing Mindsets  (For Counselors)  

  • Building Resilience in Adolescents: How Teachers/Parents Can Make a Difference in the Teen Years

  • Sharpening Your Mentoring Tools:  Soft Skills for Empowering Adolescents

  • Understanding & Maintaining Healthy Boundaries: Tools for Boarding School Staff

  • Creating Mindful & Safe Digital Habits: Navigating Kids & Teens Through Today’s Digital World

  • You Matter: Mental Health & Self-care Workshops for Staff


  • The ABCs of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder): What Educators Need To Know To Support Neurodiverse Students

  • Sensory Integration in the School Environment

  • Effective Behavior Management Strategies (For Teachers, Playground Assistants or Classroom Assistants) 

  • Reaching Students With ADHD: Tips From an Occupational Therapist for Teachers

  • Interpreting Psycho-educational Reports: What Student Support Staff Need To Know and Where To Find It!

  • New Frontiers in Inclusion & Mental Health for International Schools: The Brave New World of Telehealth

  • Understanding Sensory Processing: The Functional Impacts It Has on Your Students & Yourself

  • Supporting Handwriting Development in the Classroom: Tips From an Occupational Therapist 

  • Collaborative Learning: Essential Skills for International Students

  • Supporting the Whole Child With Multi Tiered System (MTSS) Of Supports


  • Anti-bias Training for International Schools (Foundational & Advanced)

  • Anti-racism Training for International Schools (Foundational & Advanced)

  • Breaking the Binary: Providing Culturally Competent Care for Youth Who Identify as LGBTQI+ 

  • Introduction To Restorative Justice 101 (2 Modules)



  • Motivation, Organization & Self-discipline Hacks for Students

  • Understanding the Meaning of Consent: A Confidence Boosting Workshop for Teens

  • Mindful & Safe Digital Habits: How To Navigate Our Digital World

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