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OUR commitment to inclusion, equity, anti-racist work, and belonging


Linden Global Learning is a mission- and values-driven agency committed to supporting and empowering young people from all backgrounds to capture their unique potential as they go out to make an impact on the world. Our core belief in racial justice, belonging, equity, and inclusion runs through everything we do — from our work with children to our hiring practices, our onboarding, and the way we interact with each other on a daily basis.

We take pride in our ongoing intentionality in building one of the most diverse international learning support agencies in the world. We believe that diversity fuels our creative solutions and enables us to connect with clients and experts from all types of geographic, ethnic, religious, and linguistic backgrounds.

We strive daily to be inclusion champions who create a welcoming environment for work, healing, and learning for children and adults alike. We boldly stand behind anti-racist work in the education sector and beyond and will always take a stand to push for more justice and equity in the world.

Chineme Ugbor & Dr Christina Limbird
Co-founders, Linden Global Learning Support

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