DESIGN YOUR FUTURE: teen coaching



This coaching program will motivate teens to harness their strengths and values and explore multiple career paths. The Linden approach centers around principles of building resilience, independence, self-efficacy, and developing a sense of purpose for teens as they carve out their space in the world.


What to expect 
Practical, engaging and relevant sessions packed with various self-discovery exercises, inspirational tips and life hacks from professionals. By the end of the program students will craft personalized blueprints for finding potential jobs that match their evolving interests, and for getting the most out of high school, internships and summer holidays.  Depending on the student’s interests, guest speakers may be invited to share inspirational stories and insights.


The coaching program consists of 6 sessions. Each sessions lasts 45 mins.
1:1 sessions can be held online or in person in Berlin. 

OPTIONAL SESSION: How to prepare your college applications (university applications, researching potential universities and majors)

Session 1: Explore & Discover 

Explore your unique strengths, passions and values and create an inspirational Vision Board to help set goals and as a constant reminder of what you are working towards.

Session 3: Your Present & Your Future

Get help in documenting activities and accomplishments in and out of school such as volunteer programs, awards, school projects and clubs. Gain confidence in knowing that you have and can continue to gain important skills for the future.

Session 5: Tools To Get Started

 In this session you will practice interview skills, receive constructive feedback, and create a well crafted CV/resume that highlights your character, story, accomplishments, and skills. 

Session 2: Overcome Personal Obstacles 

Learn to identify and overcome some common obstacles that stand in the way of reaching your goals. Discover ways to stay grounded and deal with stress and anxiety.

Session 4: Social Media & Personal Branding

Learn about the risks and opportunities of social media, cyber safety and how to manage your social media footprint. By the end of the session, you will create a plan for upgrading your public internet presence. 

Session 6: Design Your Roadmap 

Identify and activate your networks and craft personalized blueprints for finding potential jobs and programs that match your evolving interests. Be inspired to be the best version of yourself!

What young people need, and are rarely encouraged to take, is time. Time to investigate fields that interest them. Time to find leaders in those fields and discover for themselves up and coming jobs that will fit them. And when do young people have the most time? In high school. 

- Carol Christen