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School Consulting & Evaluation

We understand the unique opportunities as well as challenges facing children and schools working in diverse cultural contexts today. Our mission is to support international schools and families living abroad, with exceptional educational resources. Our consultants are trained in empirical school evaluation, school management, and organizational development. 


Our consulting practices are rooted in four principles:


  • We take a strengths-oriented approach to all problems, building on existing expertise and assets when helping a school tackle its challenges.

  • We listen closely to the valuable perspectives of parents and students.

  • We strongly believe in the power of teachers, knowing that educators deeply want to understand how they can ensure success for each child in their classroom. 

  • We use the lens of social justice and human rights to guide much of our work and build consensus in school communities as they grow and learn.

Culture and Language


In international schools, not only do students come from around the globe, but teachers stem from various types of training systems and cultures, as well. Therefore, it is essential to take linguistic, cultural, and pedagogical differences into account when looking at school practices and structures. Our expertise in international education helps us to understand the special circumstances related to supporting different types of learners and teachers in multicultural settings. When working with an international school, we always try to offer communication in the language of the host country, in addition to English, whenever possible.




Our approach to school evaluation is dual pronged. On one hand, we firmly believe in using the wide body of empirical literature and examples of best practice around the world to inform decisions. In addition to academic research we draw heavily on findings and practices from international associations with whom we hold memberships, such as the Next Frontier Inclusion, the International Association of School Psychologists, and the European Council of International Schools. 


On the other hand, every school is unique and requires an individualized investigation into what the stakeholders envision, what current excellent practices can be built upon, and what is still missing. It is imperative for the key players to identify and develop structures and systems that work within the culture of the school. The evaluation process is designed to be fully participatory by collecting both qualitative and quantitative information from all perspectives within the school community in order to capture a school’s special strengths and unique needs.



Stephany Herzog .png


Stephany is an international school counsellor that has served as the head of student support services at two schools. Originally from the United States, Stephany has spent the last 11 years in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. She has a passion for building effective teams, developing procedures/protocols that promote continuity of services, striving for social justice, and creating tiered systems of support that are student centered. In addition to supporting schools to develop a student support services framework, she facilitates workshops on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and partners with schools to use the community’s stories to create goals and areas of focus to further their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. 

Anita Churchville.png


Anita is an educational consultant and founder of the HAGT Learners Collaborative. She currently coordinates the High Ability Program at the American School of Bombay and conducts professional development workshops, courses, and ongoing coaching at a number of private international schools with European and American curricula. She has a master's degree in special and gifted education, a K-12 principal’s license, and certification as an educational diagnostician. Her published writing includes The 3 E’s of Authentic Parent Partnership for Gifted Students (article, the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) and Ability Grouping ≠ Tracking (blog post, HAGT) and she serves as a professional mentor for the Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color (AIELOC).

Miles - Linden Global Learning.png


Miles, is a seasoned Teacher Trainer & School Consultant with 25 years of experience working for international schools. With an MEd. in Character Education and certificates in Applied Positive Psychology and Cognitive Coaching, he specializes in literacy learning, social and emotional learning, collaborative classroom and school culture, and character development.

Miles offers onsite or distance coaching and consulting, focusing on bringing positive change to all learners. His engaging workshops cover topics like creating caring classrooms, fostering joyful learning, and supporting young learners' independence and motivation.

Miles is dedicated to fostering growth in schools, teams, and individuals. His contagious joy in supporting children's flourishing and extensive professional experience make him a valuable asset in strengthening literacy programs, developing inclusive school cultures, and designing professional coaching/mentoring programs.


“Linden is always able to find great professional solutions for complex and difficult situations in an international school environment. The team of specialists acts with great care, competence and flexibility, and is highly regarded among our staff, parents and students. Intercultural understanding, excellent communication and the determination to find pragmatic and tailor-made solutions are some of the qualities that I appreciate the most.”
Thomas Schaedler,
School Director, Collége Du Lèman

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