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Available online and on-site for schools worldwide

Staff & Leadership Coaching

As an international educational support agency we know that while global education offers incredible opportunities for learning, it also carries unique challenges. 

International educators separated from home cultures and family support systems are particularly vulnerable to stress. Our English-speaking mental health team are experts in building resilience by providing coaching and support specifically geared toward international educators’ needs. In addition to being a highly qualified team of dedicated, caring, and strictly vetted support specialists, Linden counselors have other advantages such as strong privacy and confidentiality policies, and internal guidance through ongoing group supervision and professional development.


Members of our coaching and mental health team have graduate level degrees in organizational development, education, counseling, social work, and psychology.


We offer senior leadership coaching from former school leaders with over 40 years of experience in  international education who understand the intricacies of your challenges. 

Confidentially speak with our coaches and counselors about finding implementable solutions for:

  • Leadership challenges and group dynamics

  • Managing cultural transitions

  • Handling sensitive student issues

  • Navigating difficult interpersonal conflicts

  • Setting professional goals

  • Help with boundary setting


How does this work?

Using GDPR and HIPAA compliant video or teleconferencing, school staff can access their coach no matter where your school is located. Appointment requests are responded to within 24 hours and you will typically be  meeting in less than 3 days.


I sleep better at night knowing that the team at Linden is just a phone call away

—  James Steckart, Head THINK Global School

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