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Linden Little Learners Primary Prep Program

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Primary School presents many challenges, especially for children with unique learning needs. The change in environment and increased academic demands can be stressful and confusing. It's a crucial time when the right support and understanding are essential to foster confidence and readiness in every child for their educational journey.

Linden Little Learners Primary Prep Program

Our new Linden Little Learners Primary Prep program helps young children aged 4 to 7 years, by laying a solid foundation for their primary school years. This comprehensive program focuses on enriching early literacy skills, fostering number sense, and enhancing social communication within a small group setting. Emphasizing learning through play, the program is crafted to empower children with diverse learning profiles, equipping and empowering them with the essential skills required for a successful academic experience.


Two Highly Qualified Facilitators 

The program is led by two highly qualified Linden specialists: Abigail Harrington, a Speech and Language Therapist, and Winnie Layes, an Educational Therapist. Drawing from their extensive experience working with early and primary-age children with varying learning needs in international school settings, both specialists bring invaluable expertise to the program.  

Key Benefits for Children

  • Small Group Teaching, 4-6 kids with two facilitators

  • One-on-One Instruction: Children engage in small group activities with peers and receive focused one-on-one support each session.

  • Holistic Approach: We prioritize more than academic preparedness, nurturing both academic and social-emotional growth in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Positive Learning Attitude: The program cultivates a positive attitude towards learning, while improving social communication skills and establishing a robust foundation in core subjects, particularly literacy and mathematics.

Our 8–week program begins in September 2024.

Register your interest here 

Our 5-day Summer Camps are held in July and August.

Monday-Friday @ 11:00am - 14:30 CET

If you would like to speak with a Little Learners facilitator, please email us at

Little Learners Program

Play. Learn. Grow 

  • A play-based program tailored to foster academic and social development for children aged 4-7.

  • Small group sessions of 4 to 6 children, ensuring personalized attention.

  • Each group is led by two Linden specialists with backgrounds in speech and language therapy and educational therapy.

  • Focus areas include literacy, early literacy skills, number sense, and social communication skills.

  • Each child will receive small group instructions as well as 1:1 support opportunities tailored to their specific needs.

  • Parent support and feedback: Parents will receive feedback on their child's progress, strengths, and growth areas, along with take-home strategies.

  • A beautifully illustrated take-home portfolio showcasing the child's achievements and progress.

  • Sessions are conducted in person at the Linden office in Berlin, Germany.

You can register for one or both options:

  • Weekly program (8 sessions / 2.5 hours per session) 

  • Summer day camp (5-day camp/ 3.5 hours per day)

Meet The Program Facilitators

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Winnie is an educational therapist with an MA degree in inclusive education and an Advanced Diploma in Special Needs Education. With a decade of international school experience, Winnie specializes in Maths learning difficulties and is a trained Orton Gillingham tutor using the Multisensory Method for learners with dyslexia.


Abigail is a speech-language pathologist from New York. She brings expertise in pediatric populations and play-based therapy, celebrating each child's strengths while addressing language delays, social communication, and speech sound disorders.

Together, Winnie and Abigail create enriching experiences for little learners aged 4-7. With a focus on personalized attention and tailored interventions, Winnie and Abigail ensure every child feels empowered and supported, receiving all the help they need to thrive academically and socially.

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