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Learning Support Specialist

Hi, I am Winnie. I am an educational therapist. I hold a MA degree in inclusive education and an Advanced Diploma in Special needs education from Leeds Beckett University UK. I have ten years of international school working experience in early and primary years education.

I am originally from Hong Kong. As a third culture kid, I grew up attending schools with students and families from various cultures who spoke multiple languages at home. I speak fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and intermediate Japanese and am currently learning German. My background has inspired me to venture overseas to pursue my studies and careers. I have had the opportunities to live in the US, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and I am now based out of Berlin. I am excited to continue my learning journey here in Berlin. I continued to be inspired and encouraged by the wonderful experiences and opportunities in teaching.

I specialize in Maths learning difficulties and school interventions that support learners integrating into their learning environments and accessing the school curriculum. I see every learner as a unique individual, and I hold high expectations of my students by encouraging self-agency. I believe in creating caring and safe, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences that cultivate the mind and spark learner interest. I am delighted to be a part of a community that believes in instilling life-long learning.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time in nature, gardening, photography, and exploring digital arts.


Online & Face to face sessions in Berlin

What Clients Say

"Winnie is empathetic and we were quite aligned at the end of the session. She made a couple of observations about our son which were quite spot on. She also had a really nice tip about writing in IB schools which I appreciated a lot. I am happy that we have Winnie"
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