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Support Team

Providing expertise and opportunities for neurodiverse children around the world.

Available Onsite or Online.

Our mission is to support the Berlin and wider International School Community in providing expertise and opportunities for neurodiverse children including those on the Autism Spectrum. Our diverse team of educators, therapists, and psychologists are committed to helping these young people thrive and  reach their highest potential, socially, emotionally, and academically. We partner with neurodiverse young people to create an environment which embraces their individual perspectives and abilities. We strive to help neurodiverse children and teens to navigate all aspects of daily life as they reach their full potential to be active members of their communities. In addition to helping children and families we equip educators with the skills and knowledge to support neurodiverse children throughout their academic careers. Finally, Linden team brings a unique blend of skills and sincere dedication to improving the lives of neurodiverse young people and their families.​​

our services include:

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Parent Support

  • Psychosocial Development

  • Social Skills Groups 

  • Teacher and Parent Workshops FIND OUT MORE

MEET our Experts

Stephanie Photo.jpg

Pediatric Occupational


Nationality: USA
Languages: English

Linden Learning Specialist Yalda Hesmati


Autism and Learning

Support Specialist

Nationality: USA/Iran

Languages: English, Farsi


Behavioral (ABA) and Learning

Support Specialist

Nationality: USA

Languages: English


Speech-Language Pathologist

Nationality: USA

Languages: English

Noa Photo.jpeg

School and Clinical Psychologist 

Nationality: Israel

Languages: English, Hebrew


School Psychologist

Nationality: USA

Languages: English 


Speech and Dance Therapist

Nationality: Malta

Languages: English, Maltese

Emily Pye 2.jpg

Early Childhood & Family, Math and Literacy Specialist
Nationality: USA
Languages: English


School Psychologist 

Nationality: USA

Languages: English


Counselor and Learning Support Specialist

Nationality: USA

Languages: English 

Kathleen Photo.jpg

Speech and Language Therapist

Nationality: Germany/Scotland

Languages: English, German