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School & Child Psychologist

Hi, I’m Noa! I hold a B.A. in Psychology and Developmental Aspects in Education from Tel-Aviv University and an M.A. in Child Clinical Psychology from Bar-Ilan University. In Israel, I practiced various therapeutic interventions in public health care clinics and worked as a school psychologist conducting psychoeducational assessments and systemic school support. 

Since moving to Berlin in 2016, I support families from the international community, providing counseling and psycho-educational assessments. So far, I’ve worked with families from over 30 nationalities. I take pride in promoting the understanding of the unique qualities and challenges of being “third culture kids.” 

In addition, I facilitate teacher and parent workshops in international schools in Europe. These workshops focus on promoting resilience, alleviating anxiety in learners, and providing positive behavioral support. I also facilitate social skills groups for children and teens who want to boost their social interactions. 

As an educational psychologist, I strive to combine scientific knowledge from developmental evidence-based research with every child's unique eco-system. I believe in creating alliances between students, parents, and teachers in order to promote optimal care. 

I specialize in: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), emotion-regulation difficulties, adjustment to new culture, parent consultations, assessments, ADHD, school interventions, anxiety, and depression. 

I am part of Linden's Neurodiversity Support Team, learn more about it here. 

I’m from Israel and I speak Hebrew, English, and German. 

Read my recent article on the Linden blog: Anxiety or Comfort? How Parents can Affect Children’s Perceptions of Life in Lockdown


Online, Face to Face

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