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School Psychologist

Hi, I am Maria-Amalia, a licensed psychologist with a Master of Arts in “Applications of Psychology in Education,” specializing in “Alternative Psychopedagogical Approaches.” I earned both degrees from the University of Crete and have recently moved to Berlin.

For over 14 years, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with children, guiding them through their educational journey. In the past four years, I’ve served as a School Psychologist, collaborating with over 20 schools in Heraklion, Crete, spanning both primary and secondary institutions. In my role as a School Psychologist, I have dedicated myself to supporting children facing emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. My approach is rooted in respect for both the children and their families, with the aim of nurturing the best in each individual.

I firmly believe in the power of collaborative partnerships with parents and families. Together, we can create a united front of support and guidance for each child, ensuring that strategies and interventions seamlessly extend from school to home. This approach not only fosters a deeper understanding of each child’s needs but also empowers parents with the tools and knowledge to continue the support beyond the classroom.

In addition to my role as a School Psychologist, I’ve designed and implemented a diverse range of educational and environmental programs, including experiential initiatives like sand sculpture, rhythm exploration, theatrical play, hidden treasure hunts, storytelling, and more! These creative appraoches have not only equipped children with essential life skills but have also ignited a deep passion for learning. Concurrently, I’ve conducted targeted interventions for children grappling with learning difficulties and ADHD, drawing upon my expertise to provide tailored support and foster their academic and personal growth.

I am from Greece, and I speak Greek, English, and German.


Online, Face to Face

What Clients Say

The educational psychologist gave our child a better self understanding and awareness of her strengths and challenges. They provided concrete methods and tools to improve and cope with difficulties and challenges in productive ways. Since the assessment our child has far exceeded our expectations for her progress, it has made a significant contribution to our family's well being.
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