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School Psychologist

Hi, I’m Eszter!

I’m a junior school psychologist at Linden! I am Hungarian and have recently moved back to Berlin after living in Scotland for six years. I hold a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen. After graduating from University, I interned at Linden where I was inspired to further pursue my career in psychoeducational testing and work with children in an educational setting. This is why I began my role as a learning support assistant working at a Scottish elementary school as well as completing my M.A. in Psychological Approaches for Children and Young People’s Mental Health from the University of Edinburgh. Being able to compare the Scottish educational system to my own international school background spurred my interest in how moving and culture can affect children’s development. This is also why I chose to take an additional course in ‘Migration and Mental Health’ during my Master’s. To build on my assessment skills, I have also recently completed a British Psychology Society accredited course in Psychoeducational Testing.

I’ve always enjoyed working with children and adolescents both in educational and social care settings from diverse cultural backgrounds. I have now returned to Linden training as a school psychologist and am excited to offer my skills in psycho-educational testing.

I speak English, Hungarian, and some German.


Online, Face to Face

What Clients Say

The educational psychologist gave our child a better self understanding and awareness of her strengths and challenges. They provided concrete methods and tools to improve and cope with difficulties and challenges in productive ways. Since the assessment our child has far exceeded our expectations for her progress, it has made a significant contribution to our family's well being.
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