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School Psychologist

Hi, I’m Abby! I’m a licensed school psychologist based in Florida, and I work with K-12 students. I received my M.S. degree with a specialization in school psychology in 2014, and my certificate of advanced graduate studies, specialist degree, in 2016, from Capella University, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

I spent three years at Berlin Brandenburg International School, in Berlin, Germany providing one-on-one learning and behavior support to students. Upon returning to the United States in 2015, I worked as a school psychologist for Lake County Public Schools in Central Florida. Two years later, I transferred to a school in Seminole County.

I have extensive experience in psychoeducational evaluations (cognitive, academic, social/emotional, behavior and autism, and have launched many initiatives that focus on social emotional learning (SEL). In 2019, I created a “mindful moment room” at my elementary school, which gives students the ability to learn and apply self-regulating strategies for positive behavior control. By the end of the school year, detentions and behavior referrals had decreased by 30 percent. I also run several SEL groups for elementary and middle school students, and collaborate with teachers to conduct functional behavior assessments and create behavior intervention plans. 

I hold additional certifications in youth mental health first aid, and psychological first aid. 

I specialize in: tele-assessments, psychoeducational evaluations, social emotional learning, and behavioral interventions. 

I’m from the United States and I speak English.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

The educational psychologist gave our child a better self understanding and awareness of her strengths and challenges. They provided concrete methods and tools to improve and cope with difficulties and challenges in productive ways. Since the assessment our child has far exceeded our expectations for her progress, it has made a significant contribution to our family's well being.
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