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Available on-site or online

Transitioning to a new life in a new country can be challenging for many of us. For children and teens, the experience is often overwhelming. We offer therapeutic support for students who feel anxious or depressed, or are just having a tough time adjusting to a new culture, dealing with the challenges of adolescence, or feeling less than motivated when it comes to schoolwork.


  • Mental health counseling for depression, anxiety, stress, low motivation, aggressive behavior, etc.

  • Transitioning support: culture shock, adjustment, intercultural support

  • Health & well-being coaching: mindfulness coaching, life coaching

  • Play therapy for young children

  • Workshops on mental health for parents, students and school staff

  • Parent coaching & support

  • Design Your Future: Strengths & Career Coaching for Teens. See program

  • Mental health support for teachers and school counselor supervision

  • Support for diverse identities: LGBTQ, students and teachers of color, counseling in over 10 languages


  • Highly qualified international mental health specialists certified in their home countries

  • Compassionate, solutions-focused approaches to counseling, building on strengths, and fostering resilience

  • A best-fit counselor for your child in a safe, confidential counseling approach

  • Thoroughly vetted and screened through police background checks available upon request

  • Flexible schedules for school breaks, after school sessions, and during remote learning

  • Adherence to strict privacy and confidentiality policy, including GDPR and HIPPA compliant video conferencing platforms.

  • A commitment to inclusion: all families are welcome regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, medical condition, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.


In order for a counselor or psychologist to contact a teacher or other professional regarding your child, you will be asked to sign a confidentiality waiver. With parental consent, counselors and psychologists may then discuss general details about your child with other professionals on a need to know basis. Such professionals are also bound to confidentiality by law. In any situation, your personal details will not be shared with anyone. When a Linden counselor is under the impression that a client is at acute risk of harm to self or to others, the counselor is bound by law to take measures to ensure the client and other individuals are safe and receive professional help.

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