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Hello! I'm TaShawndra Govan, a licensed mental health counselor with a degree from Georgia State University. Over the past decade, I've lived abroad, serving as an international school counselor and gaining valuable experience working with students from diverse backgrounds. I've also assisted individual clients residing in various countries who encountered challenges in accessing local mental health professionals. My therapeutic approach centers around highlighting strengths and fostering growth, aiming to empower children, young adults, and their families on their journey to well-being.

Currently based in South Africa, I've previously lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, China, and Turkey. As a culturally competent and trauma-informed mental health provider and advocate, I believe that cultural competency is essential in creating a safe space for international and multicultural families, particularly those of color. This involves ensuring that concerns are acknowledged and symptoms are accurately interpreted.

My areas of expertise include improving parent-child relationships, dealing with grief and loss, transforming disruptive family patterns and behaviors, nurturing resilience, and offering transitions counseling. Beyond individual counseling sessions, I take great pleasure in conducting parenting workshops and teacher training.

Additionally, I'm part of Linden's international crisis team, providing workshops, one-on-one support, and a compassionate ear to school communities around the world facing wars and crises.

I'm American, and English is my primary language.


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What Clients Say

I can’t thank you enough for all your help last year and wise counsel. I’m such a better prepared and understanding parent and well equipped to advocate for my daughter.
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