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Math, Science & Social Science Coach

Hi, I am Kivi! (Kivilcim Afacan -she/they).

I moved from New York and am currently located in Berlin.

I have always found sciences exciting, and I studied a well-balanced mixture of natural and social sciences before pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the City University of New York.

From a young age, I have been inspiring my peers and students of varied ages to get excited about the subjects we are learning. My learning and teaching philosophy has been “it’s actually a lot of fun, if we look at it this way...”. Over the years I observed this curious and playful attitude become a long-term skill for learners to apply in managing challenging situations. As a scientist and educator with experience in different continents, I volunteered with several disadvantaged communities, worked as a full-time professor at a variety of colleges, and supported women and minorities in STEM.

I specialize in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (all levels – including AP), SAT prep and general academic support. My lasting interest in the gamification of tasks and challenges is an added bonus for my fellow learning friends and students.

I am from Turkey and I speak English and Turkish. In my freetime, I like playing the piano, jogging, experimenting with cooking, making clay sculptures, and doing acro-yoga,


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

"Kivi has been an absolute blessing for B's education. Their bubbly and positive personality made science and math enjoyable, turning what used to be daunting subjects into exciting challenges. B's confidence and performance have soared. We couldn't be happier with the transformation, and we highly recommend this exceptional academic coach to any parent seeking an enthusiastic and effective mentor for their child."
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