Physics & Math Coach

Ivona is a Physicist with a distinct interest in helping young people understand and appreciate the beauty and importance of Physics. After winning the National Physics Olympiad in her country – Macedonia, she was awarded a merit-based scholarship at Jacobs University Bremen – a unique, international university that celebrates diversity, critical thinking, and educational excellence. 

Ivona holds a masters degree in Renewable Energy Engineering & Management, a master’s in Physics and has recently completed her Ph.D. in Physics with a focus on the development and the physical understanding of relatively novel solar cell concepts at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy and the Technical University Berlin. During her Ph.D. research, Ivona was also very active in supporting the academic community, raising awareness about diversity, mental health, and working conditions in academia within the three largest non-university research institutes in Germany: the Helmholtz and Leibniz Associations and the Max-Planck Society. 

Throughout her studies, Ivona got to learn a broad spectrum of Physics-related topics: from those that seek the answers to the secrets of our Universe to those which are less abstract and focus on more engineering and technology. She is a keen environmentalist, an avid reader, and a curious researcher, but above all – she is a kind and patient person who wants to help those who struggle with Math and Physics and help them realize that everything that they are taught in school can be seen around them in their everyday life. Ivona wants to motivate young people to ask questions, be open-minded critical thinkers. She aims to encourage to young people understand how the natural sciences can be just as fun, creative, and empowering as any other subject.


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What Clients Say

"We just wanted to send a quick message to express our family’s overwhelming gratitude to you and the whole Linden team. The team is absolutely amazing. They are smart, creative, warm... and already helping D to feel stronger and more capable."