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 International Learning & Behavior Support

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Parents and schools try to do all they can to support struggling students, but sometimes they need some additional help.  For families living abroad this poses a real challenge when language barriers make it impossible to access local support systems for children with learning difficulties.

Linden learning support specialists are trained to help these children while tying their strategies and progress in with the existing support in the school. Not only are the learning coaches available to come to work with a child in their home, the coaches integrate the classroom teacher and other learning support teachers into the process, making sure that gains made in one area transfer to the next. The learning coaches work as part of the Linden team of specialists (psychologists, coaches, tutors)  to ensure that they have a breadth of resources for tailoring an optimal program of support for students.

During individual sessions, the coach will provide specific skill building sessions based on the student’s particular areas of need. That work will then be integrated into actual school work for the child to apply the newly acquired skills. This can be done through homework assignments or work samples provided by the class teacher. As with all Linden programs the coaches work through strength building, encouragement, and positivity to get children feeling confident about their abilities and excited to learn.



  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Sensory-Motor and sensory integration programs

  • Learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Math disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, etc.)

  • Speech and language delays

  • Multilingualism and diversity

  • Behavior management

  • Social skills 

Collaboration with Schools

If a student has completed a psychoeducational evaluation, the Learning Disabilities Coach is trained to help implement accommodations or special strategies at school through regular consultations with the teacher and school visits as needed.For each hour of tutoring the student receives 45 minutes of specialized learning support tutoring and 15 minutes of school consultation. 


That time can be used for monthly visits to the school, or weekly correspondence, whatever would help the child and teachers most.


Using secure HIPAA and GDPR compliant video conferencing platforms parents and teachers have access to our international team of psychologists, therapists and learning support specialists for 1:1 student sessions and/or group sessions. 

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