Yalda believes in a learner-centric education that focuses on student agency. She is passionate about helping learners experience learner-centric education by setting their own goals, learning at their own pace, and engage in self-assessment. Her biggest goal is to make the best education available to all students and she is determined to move schools towards inclusive learning environments in which classroom teachers have access to the tools, systems and support to sustain learner-centric education to all students. 

Yalda is passionate about teaching different subject matter with projects that bring learners’ knowledge and skills into context of real world problems. 

Yalda has two masters degrees: One in Cognitive Science and Linguistics and the other in Special education, with a focus on Autism, from Columbia University. 

She has taught in New York City public and private schools, and has recently become a certified communication partner for non-speaking individuals through completing the Accessing Community through Spelling Professional Development program. She is also certified in mindfulness in the classroom, and loves using mindfulness as a tool of social emotional learning.

Country: USA/ IRAN

Speaks: English, Farsi

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