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When home is

an ocean away,

we equip students with

the skills and resources to thrive in school

and beyond.

Services for International Students

Does your child find it challenging to stay on track with certain subjects or just need an extra academic boost?


Our IB/IGCSE tutors work with student's unique learning profile to help them reach their academic potential and actually enjoy even the toughest subjects. Time and project management are central skills in our approach. 

Available in Berlin and online

Are you looking for state of the art evaluations to assess the unique learning profile of your student?

Our tools incorporate cognitive, achievement, visual motor, language evaluation instruments as well as behavioral surveys to help you understand a student's unique learning profile. After completion of the report, our school psychologists sit down for an extensive meeting to help teachers implement learning strategies specially designed for each student.

Available on-site for schools worldwide

Is your student struggling with the demands of global living , school life, or seem over-burdened with stress and worry?

Our compassionate counselors work with your school to employ a solutions-focused approach to children's development. Understanding their own individual strengths helps students find their unique paths to success. Individualized sessions work with students to develop new skills and utilize the ones they already have, creating a safe and positive environment for kids to grow. 

Available in Berlin and online

Does your student struggle with learning disabilities, attention deficits, an autism spectrum disorder, or show exceptional abilities?

Our learning and behavior specialists help students by teaching specific strategies, developing strengths, and building children's confidence in their abilities. Unique to our approach is our explicit collaboration with teachers and caregivers. Whether a student requires help for math, literacy, or behavior difficulties, we connect students with exactly the support they need.

Available in Berlin and online

Does your student have trouble with daily activities at home or school? Do they experience sensory, motor, or physiological challenges that do not affect most other  children?

Our highly qualified Occupational Therapists help improve sensory integration, developmental delays, gross and fine motor skills, attention and hyperactivity challenges along with any other task that is getting in the way of your child thriving in their daily life.

Available in Berlin and online

Does your student struggle to express themselves? Are they frustrated with their ability to communicate and form relationships?

Our speech therapists are specialized in helping multilingual children all types of language and communication impairments including:  articulation difficulties, receptive and expressive challenges, and myofunctional disorders.  

Available in Berlin and online

Are your students struggling with the demands of living and learning far from home? Do you need a more agile and diverse counseling team than available for you on campus?


Either online, or in person in Berlin, our international team of university counselors and psychologists offer students solutions-focused mental health support and guidance. We also offer workshops and group sessions related to international living and learning. 

Available in Berlin and online

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