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School Psychologist

Hello! I’m Priscilla! I earned my MA in inclusive special education and Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Arizona (Go Wildcats!). I trained and worked in special education and psychology in various settings, with schools being my favorite. Broadly, my work has focused on psychoeducational evaluations, school leadership consultations, tiered systems consultations and audits, professional development, and all things student support. I also do quite a bit of research and data analysis. I'm from the US and have lived in 5 countries…so far - the US, Mexico, Germany, Bahrain, Japan, India, and the UAE.

I take great pride in understanding learners. I am often asked to review evaluations when folks are stumped and have extensive experience in evaluation with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, giftedness, and twice exceptionalities. I find it gratifying to help schools with their student support systems - wherever they may be in the process - so they are inclusive, efficient, and use data. This was my dissertation topic and remained an area of passion.

The whole child is the heart of all I do - and neuroscience is increasingly revealing this to be a necessity for learning - which is why wellbeing/SEL and mental health, including suicide prevention to postvention planning, is vital in schools. I develop programs with each school’s unique contextual elements and happily tackle topics some find uncomfortable, like consent and healthy relationships lessons for all students, including those with severe disabilities. With this inclusive lens, I am engaged in ongoing, qualitative research with LGBTQIA+ TCKs in international schools to use their feedback to help schools develop more inclusive MH/SEL programs.

I speak English.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

The educational psychologist gave our child a better self understanding and awareness of her strengths and challenges. They provided concrete methods and tools to improve and cope with difficulties and challenges in productive ways. Since the assessment our child has far exceeded our expectations for her progress, it has made a significant contribution to our family's well being.
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