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Hi, I’m Shani! I’m a psychological counselor and psychiatric nurse from the United Kingdom. I have a B.A. honors degree in psychiatric (mental health) nursing; and a cognitive behavioral therapy post graduate diploma from Oxford University. I have over 10 years experience working with children, young people, and families in both a school and hospital setting.

I am passionate about helping young people who may be struggling with mental health difficulties stay connected within education in both schools and universities. My specialist areas include eating disorders and anxiety (emotional) disorders and my experience ranges from individual/ group therapy to crisis intervention. 

I offer bespoke care with openness and acceptance, and help create non-judgmental, supportive environments for young people, parents, or schools to bring about positive change.

My specialties include: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eating disorders, anxiety, emotional disorders, crisis intervention, and mental health training.
I’m from the UK and speak English.

What Clients Say...

"Shani created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to work through difficult topics. We worked on creating plans and building skills that have allowed me to feel equipped for a more independent future."