Hi, I’m Rosanna! I’m a primary school teacher from Australia with a bachelor’s degree in primary education. Currently I’m working toward a master’s degree in education, gender, and international development at University College London. I worked as a classroom teacher for five years in Australia, Indonesia, and Germany and I have extensive experience teaching early literacy. 


I have worked with children from diverse backgrounds with diverse learning needs, including children with learning difficulties, disabilities, and behavioral problems across all key learning areas (English, math, science, history/geography, PDHPE). I’m passionate about making learning engaging and fun as well as increasing student confidence and encouraging students to make decisions about their own learning. By catering to the specific needs of students, I aim to cultivate life-long learners who are able to achieve their best.


I have experience with the Australian and NSW curricula, UK curriculum, and the international 

primary curriculum.


My specialties include: literacy, English, math, EAL support, learning support, social and emotional wellbeing, learning behaviors, and social skills.


I am Australian and I speak English and Spanish.