Educational Therapy/Learning Support

Does your student struggle with learning disabilities, attention deficits, an autism spectrum disorder, or show exceptional abilities?


Our learning specialists help students by teaching specific strategies, developing strengths, and building children's confidence in their abilities. Unique to our approach is our explicit collaboration with teachers and caregivers. Whether a student requires help for math, literacy, or behavior difficulties, we connect students with exactly the support they need.


Our Learning Support Specialists & Behavior Support Coaches help students with: 

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Sensory-Motor and sensory integration programs

  • Learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Math disabilities, ADD/ ADHD, etc.)

  • Speech and language delays

  • Multilingualism and diversity


Also available in Berlin, Germany


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Educational Therapy/Learning Support

71,40 €Price

Packages are available starting at 5 sessions. We offer a discount of 5% on packages starting at 40 sessions, and 8% on packages of 60. You may cancel your package at any time. You will be refunded all remaining sessions except for a 12% administrative fee based on the total value of the package.

Packages expire after 18 months and are non-transferable.