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Design Your Future: Life & Organizational Skills for Teens

"What young people need, and are rarely encouraged to take, is time. Time to investigate fields that interest them. Time to find leaders in those fields and discover for themselves up-and-coming jobs that will fit them. And when do young people have the most time? In high school." - Carol Christen

Adolescence is a transformative phase filled with dreams, aspirations, and boundless potential. Yet, it is also a time of uncertainty, self-doubt, academic pressures, and challenging social dynamics, leaving many teenagers in need of guidance and inspiration. Our Life & Organizational Skills Coaching for Teens empowers teens to harness their strengths, values, explore career paths, and build essential life skills. Rooted in resilience, independence, and self-efficacy, this program fosters a sense of purpose, enabling teenagers to carve out their unique space in the world.

What to Expect:

Our Teen Coaching Program offers practical, engaging, and relevant sessions that lead to self-discovery and personal growth. Through a variety of exercises and life hacks shared by seasoned teen coaches, teenagers embark on a journey of self-discovery. By the end of the program, teens will have crafted personalized blueprints aligning their evolving interests with potential internship/volunteer opportunities, making the most of high school and school vacations. Guest speakers may inspire participants further by sharing their own insightful stories and experiences.

Flexible Modules:

The Teen Coaching Program consists of six to eight modules, each addressing different aspects of personal development. Teenagers choose a minimum of six modules that resonate with their interests and goals. Each module/session lasts 45 minutes, offering flexibility and adaptability to diverse schedules and preferences. Sessions can be conducted online or in person in Berlin.

MODULE 1: Explore & Discover In this module, participants delve into self-exploration, uncovering their unique strengths, passions, and values. Through the creation of an inspirational Vision Board, teens set meaningful goals and establish constant reminders of what they aspire to achieve.

MODULE 2: Overcome Personal Obstacles Empowering teenagers to identify and overcome common hurdles that stand in the way of their goals, this module teaches effective strategies to stay grounded, manage stress, and handle anxiety.

MODULE 3: Your Present & Your Future

Documenting accomplishments, both in and out of school, is crucial for building self-confidence. In this module, participants learn to document their activities, awards, volunteer work, and school projects, gaining assurance in their readiness for future challenges.

MODULE 4: Tools To Get Started Equipped with essential life skills such as interview techniques and CV/resume crafting, teens confidently showcase their unique character, accomplishments, and skills. This module celebrates their achievements and instills pride in their journey.

MODULE 5: Your Mental Health & Wellbeing Mental health is paramount for overall well-being. In this session, teens explore common mental health challenges, expand their knowledge of well-being strategies, and create their own resilience "toolkit" for maintaining a healthy mindset.

MODULE 6: Let's Get Organized

Foundational: Organizational skills are essential in today's world. This foundational module focuses on empowering teens to develop effective routines and systems that promote organization at home and school. They also learn time management techniques to maximize productivity and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, allowing more time for activities they enjoy.

Advanced: In this advanced training module, teens take their organizational skills to the next level. They learn advanced strategies for goal setting, task prioritization, project management, and explore digital organization tools to streamline workflow and optimize productivity. Additionally, they develop stress management techniques and resilience-building strategies.

MODULE 7: Social Media & Your Digital Footprint Social media plays a significant role in a teenager's life. This module helps teens critically examine the role of social media. They learn to manage their social media footprint, ensuring it reflects their values and aspirations while maintaining cyber safety.

MODULE 8: Design Your Roadmap Empowering your teenager to take charge of their own destiny, this final module culminates the Teen Coaching Program. By identifying and activating their networks, they craft personalized blueprints aligning their passions and interests. This module equips them with essential skills and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world. They learn the art of networking, strategic planning, and effective goal-setting, tools that will serve them well as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Our flexible modules allow teenagers to tailor the coaching experience to their interests and goals, ensuring they focus on what matters most to them. Whether building self-confidence, preparing for college applications, or gaining insight into potential career paths, the Teen Coaching Program caters to their unique and individual needs.


Find out more about our teen coaching program or speak to a teen coach!

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