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Calming Strategies from an Occupational Therapist

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

By Stephanie Parken, MS, OTR, CKTP

We all get a little over-stimulated or agitated from time to time and we could all use some calming strategies to get us back on track. Here are some OT-based calming strategies at school with students or even for yourself at home!


  • Use a fidget for your hands

  • Take a walk or jog

  • Give yourself a hug

  • Wrap yourself tightly in a blanket

  • Carry books or groceries

  • Try wall push-ups

  • Go on a swing

  • Tuck knees into chest and rock back and forth

  • Bounce on therapy ball

  • Jump up and down

  • Get into an upside down position

  • Use weighted vest or weighted lap pad

  • Try deep pressure or a massage


  • Put on headphones or ear plugs

  • Listen to calming music

  • Find a quiet place


  • Close your eyes

  • Dim the lights

  • Decrease visual clutter

  • Move away from your screens and look into a wide open space outdoors


  • Blow out frustration

  • Eat a crunchy/chewy snack

  • Drink from a straw


  • Breathe fresh air

  • Take deep breaths

  • Try using lavender oil or candles

Download our calming strategies handout here

Download PDF • 341KB


Occupational therapists use daily activities to achieve physical health and mental well-being. By examining our roles, routines, and environment, occupational therapists can identify the barriers blocking our ability to thrive in daily life. Get to know our Occupational Therapists

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