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Occupational Therapist

Hi, I’m Sandra! I am an occupational therapist trained in the USA.  I also hold a master’s degree in the Psychology of Health from the UK.  Since 2003, I’ve worked in the USA, Australia, France (teaching a pediatric course to OT students) and now Germany.  I enjoy meeting families from different cultures and languages and can offer services in English, French, Italian and German.

I have worked in all areas of pediatric occupational therapy, from hospital-based services to community care.  This wide range of opportunities has given me the confidence to push outside my professional comfort zone, to adapt and to expand my skills.  I am inquisitive and am always looking for the best and latest evidence-based treatment for my patients and their families. I take on a creative, family-oriented approach in my work, and I enjoy new challenges!  Seeing children' and parents' excitement and joy as they overcome challenges grows my enthusiasm and commitment to my work. 

From the start of my career, I have been involved in animal-assisted therapy and I am happy that my recent training with my dog is allowing me to offer dog-assisted therapy, when appropriate. 

My specialties include: sensory integration, sensory regulation, executive functioning, fine motor and visual motor difficulties, social skills, coaching.

I am Belgian and Italian and speak English, French, Italian and German with a few notions in Spanish.


Online & Face to face sessions in Hamburg

What Clients Say

You and your staff provide such a valuable and needed service for many of our students. When there is a question on the Education team, the answer is often… check with Linden. What would we do without you?
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