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Occupational Therapist

Hi, I’m Genevieve!

I’m an occupational therapist with a passion for working to support health and wellness. Fostering positive development for children and youth has been a meaningful professional focus since 2013, be it in community-based, clinical, inpatient or school-based settings.

I have expertise working together with clients and caregivers to foster development of social-emotional learning, insight, regulation and sensory/motor skills, addressing the whole person. I co-developed a client-centered, occupation-based dynamic assessment tool in response to client needs, which evaluates occupational performance skills in relation to transitions. I have presented for and collaborated with multidisciplinary colleagues and firmly believe in implementing evidence in intervention, having coordinated my own research efforts to ensure best practice in my work. Since moving to Hamburg in 2018, my focus has shifted to working as a member of the international community, building empathy and resilience.

I am trained in trauma-informed practices, mindfulness techniques, cultivating emotional balance, motivational interviewing and stress & resiliency in youth. I hold a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and Public Relations from Eastern Illinois University. I have earned my recognition to work as an Ergotherapeutin in Germany. I am a registered yoga teacher and developed and founded my own consultancy, offering yoga and mindfulness workshops for youth.

I’m from the United States and speak English and German.


Online & Face to face sessions in Hamburg

What Clients Say

You and your staff provide such a valuable and needed service for many of our students. When there is a question on the Education team, the answer is often… check with Linden. What would we do without you?
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