Olivia has been an educationalist for almost 20 years, working as teacher, school leader and program designer across four continents. Cornerstones of her career include the introduction of experiential learning programs for secondary students in Australia and Germany, 'teacher as expert' in-school staff professional development programs in the UAE and Australia, whole-school student engagement policy design, contributing writer of academic enrichment and personal leadership curriculum, the creation of a student-sponsorship program in Cambodia and the founding of 'The Spark Academy' - self-empowerment and self-leadership programs for teens. 

With a whole-hearted belief in the power of a relational, values-driven school, Olivia draws on her studies in cognitive and positive psychological practices in education to help all members of a learning community better understand what really influences academic and personal growth for both individuals and groups. Now raising her own family in an international environment, she has first-hand experience of the glories and challenges inherent in international school life from a range of perspectives. 

Olivia's work at Linden centres around helping individuals and institutions use research-based strategies to enable educational flourishing.

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