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Hi, I’m Mohammad! I’m originally from Syria, and I hold a master’s of science in business engineering/energy from the Technical University of Berlin. I have experience coaching and tutoring students in Egypt, and in Berlin I volunteer at an organization called Back on Track Syria, helping students from different backgrounds integrate into the German educational environment. As a mentor, I assist students of all ages in physics, math, and other subjects.

Shortly after beginning an undergraduate program in Syria, I had to flee the country because of the war, but luckily, I was able to continue my studies in Egypt. My experience studying in different cultures has given me the chance to better understand the challenges of learning in a new environment—an understanding, which I apply when working with students in an international setting.

I enjoy helping students understand complicated topics. While working toward my master’s degree, I studied both the technical and business management sides of engineering, and thus developed an ability to explain scientifically advanced concepts in an approachable way. I believe that science is fun, and my tutoring style prioritizes the enjoyment of learning.


I specialize in: math, science, economics, business, tutoring, academic coaching, and integration into new cultures. 


I’m Syrian, and I speak English and Arabic.

What Clients Say...

"Mohammad is skilled with explaining things in detail. He is able to help with your issues within class to improve your grade effectively. He is able to break topics down to the basic ideas to better explain the complex sections of a subject."