Miles Madison is an impassioned educator and coach with over 20 years of educational experience, including primary teaching, curriculum design, staff coaching and program development. He is available for onsite or distance professional training or school audits, curriculum and program development, coaching or mentoring.

Miles has in depth professional experience in helping other educators and schools realize their full potential his joy in supporting children flourishing is contagious. As an active practitioner, he is able to provide differentiated support based on identified needs and to embed real-life application and understanding in his consultancy.


Miles has worked in a diverse range of schools in both the U.S. and Europe, providing a clear understanding of the unique contexts of international schools.

Miles has a Master Certificate in Literacy Education (University of Hayward, California) and a Bilingual and Cultural Language Acquisition Degree in Education (University of California, Hayward). Additionally, he holds a certificate in Character Education (University of Birmingham), a diploma in Positive Psychology (University of East London) and
certifications in Cognitive Coaching, Tribes Learning Communities, How
Language Works and Mindful Schools.