Learning Support Specialist

Hi! I’m Yalda. I’m an educator, learning specialist, and certified communication partner for non-speaking individuals. I grew up in Tehran, and moved to the United States in 2007. After becoming a piano teacher at a music school in New Jersey, I discovered my passion for teaching children. I have two master’s degrees: one in cognitive science and language, and the other in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I’m a New York State-certified general and special education teacher, and have taught children with complex communication and sensory-motor differences in New York City public and private schools.

I believe children learn best when they feel valued, when people hold high expectations for them, and when they are taught and supported well. I am passionate about preparing students for the future through project-based learning (PBL), and have run PBL camps in China teaching science, math, and technology to elementary school children. In addition, I am a certified spelling to communicate (STC) partner for non-speaking autistic individuals through Growing Kids Therapy of Virginia, and I have worked for one of the top progressive education technology companies in the United States (Altitude Learning) using technology to best fit students' diverse needs in the classroom.

I help teachers and parents drive meaningful change in their homes and schools, so that children can have access to a learning environment that acknowledges and respects their culture and background. Thus, my approach to teaching is to design lessons on the premise of interdisciplinary teaching, the art of making connections between different, universally designed, subject matters. By employing these practices, I inspire a life-long love of learning in my students. My paper, "An investigation on the comprehension of Persian passives in typical development and autism,” co-authored by Dr. Anna Gavarró of the University of Autonoma de Barcelona, was published in the Catalan Journal of Linguistics.

I am part of Linden's Neurodiversity Support Team, learn more about it here.

I’m from Iran and the United States.

I speak English and Farsi.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

Yalda really showed us how professional support can be. Extra lessons can be a burden for a child and a challenge for the parents but her support makes our life easier. Thank you!