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Teacher Trainer & School Consultant, Teacher

Hi! I am Miles. I hold an MEd. in Character Education from the University of Birmingham and certificates in Applied Positive Psychology and Cognitive Coaching. Over my 25-year career, I have worked in a wide range of roles, including primary teaching, literacy coaching, curriculum design, staff mentoring, program development and student well-being and classroom culture advising. I offer onsite or distance personal and team coaching and curriculum and program development consulting. I focus on literacy learning, social and emotional learning, collaborative classroom and school culture and character and disposition development. I am a passionate, knowledgeable and open-minded education expert focused on provoking schools, teams or individuals to access their passions, challenge their assumptions and grow in their teaching practices. I firmly believe all people (regardless of age) intrinsically desire continued learning and bring this attitude into motivational speaking, in-depth training/courses, or clear, organized and easy-to-follow workshops, catering to a wide range of experiences. I have in-depth professional experience helping other educators and schools realize their full potential. My joy in supporting children’s flourishing is contagious. As an active practitioner, I can provide differentiated support based on identified needs and embed real-life applications and understanding in my consultancy. I provide enthusiastic, empathic and sincere coaching and consulting that focuses on bringing positive change to all learners.

I provide teacher and parent/family workshops on creating caring classrooms or learning environments, particularly regarding routines, structures, expectations, communication and joyful learning. I have extensive experience supporting young learners to develop independence, motivation and self-management. I am happy to also work individually with children on these goals.

My specialties include: individual and team coaching, strengthening and deepening literacy instructional practices/programs, consulting on developing collaborative, caring and highly engaging classroom and school culture, fostering inclusive school cultures which embed SEL, multilingualism and character development, supporting and designing schoolwide professional coaching/mentoring programs.


Online & Face to face sessions in Berlin

What Clients Say

Miles is a great teacher. Our son was a student with him for a year (2nd grade). Miles has the gift of teaching children learning material well and at the same time having fun learning. At Miles, our son learned to work in a structured way. We miss the time with Miles a lot.
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