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Learning Support Specialist

Hi, I’m Anna! I have a M.A. in Education and Human Development with a focus on early childhood special education from George Washington University in Washington, DC. 

With nearly 10 years spent teaching in a classroom, I have been afforded opportunities to help students and their families in a variety of ways. In the early years of teaching, I taught adapted instruction to young children with severe learning, developmental, physical, and medical disabilities. In 2014, I moved to London, UK and worked primarily with children with autism. When I returned to Washington, DC in 2016, I utilized the knowledge from my past teaching experiences to lead a piloted self-contained classroom. Within this classroom, students received intensive, differentiated instruction designed around their IEP goals and state standards. 

I am dedicated to bridging the relationships between school and home. Through quality family partnerships, I truly believe that children flourish when they are shown kindness and given the proper tools, instruction, and time. 

I specialize in reading, math, and social-emotional instruction designed around IEP goals for students ages 3-10. 

I’m American and I speak English.


Online & Face to face sessions in Berlin

What Clients Say

Anna really cares about R and helping her personally, and can see the positives in R and makes a big effort to support her journey in learning and life, not just the end result of "better marks".
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