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Learning Support Specialist & Counselor

Hi, I’m Andrea!

I am a teacher and school Counselor with 29 years of experience. Having started my career in Canada, I moved overseas and have extensive international school experience in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Belgium and Croatia. Most recently, I have relocated to Belgium, living in Antwerp.

I have an interest in integrating teaching strategies and counseling methodologies that support students holistically: academically, socially and emotionally. Using a positivist and solution focused approach, I guide students to build self efficacy and self advocacy skills vital to managing school work and stress. After earning my Bachelor in Education, I earned a Masters of Education in Behaviour Management and Curriculum followed by a Masters of Education in School Guidance and Counseling, both earned through the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. In addition, I am a qualified children’s yoga instructor (to age 12), and have training in mindfulness in education, cooperative learning, advisory and character education programming, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Active Parenting and international university advising.

My experience is largely with students of upper elementary and middle school age, targeting learning goals in the areas of executive functioning, social skills, mathematics and writing development. Other areas of expertise include the areas of transition and change, including university advising. Along with teaching experience, I have held the roles of learning support co-teacher, student services lead, PreK-Grade 12 Counselor and safeguarding lead, as well as university and future planning adviser.

I am Beligian-Canadian and I speak fluent English and French.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

"We just wanted to send a quick message to express our family’s overwhelming gratitude to you and the whole Linden team. They are smart, creative, warm... and already helping D to feel stronger and more capable."
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