Hi, I’m Kathleen! My focus is on helping children with speech, language and communication difficulties. I received certification as a speech therapist from the IB Medizinische Akademie Berlin, and have training in speech and language acquisition in bilingual children, as well as grammar difficulties. I specialize in supporting children with articulation disorders, receptive and expressive disorders, as well as myofunctional disorders. Currently, I'm working on my master's degree in language and communication impairments in children, at the University of Sheffield, in Sheffield, England.


My specialties include: multilingualism, articulation disorders, receptive & expressive language, and myofunctional disorders.


I’m from Germany and Scotland and I speak German and English.

What Clients Say...


Kathleen has done amazing work with both our children and with each one she has a special bond and met their different needs. She gets into their world and then works her magic! We are so grateful for her!