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Hi, I’m Justin! I hold a masters in clinical social work from Simmons University in Boston and a B.A. in modern culture & media from Brown University. I have a passion for helping children and adolescents overcome a variety of trauma and stress-related issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, disruptive and aggressive behavior, lack of motivation, underachieving, cutting and self-harm, eating disorders, substance use, and addiction.
I have worked with adolescents, parents, and teachers in schools in the US and Germany, as well as with adults in numerous settings in both countries. I have facilitated groups for teens and young adults on issues including study skills, social skills, motivation, mindfulness, divorce and separation, anxiety, depression, and addiction. My approach centers on creating a safe space for people to feel accepted, seen, and heard so as to identify challenges and strengths and foster engagement and motivation for change.
For students, I focus on creating consensus between students, parents, and teachers with the objective of setting and achieving social and academic goals. I also coach parents when requested.

I specialize in: adolescent and adult counseling, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and addiction, self-harm, divorce and separation, disruptive and aggressive behavior, motivation, study skills, social skills, mindfulness, and group work.

I’m from the United States and I speak English.

What Clients Say...


Justin worked with two of my sons. He was outstanding with the first during a depression crisis and further coordinated an immediate consult with the child psychiatrist ( not an easy feat). With the other he totally turned around his negative impression of counseling (also not an easy feat)!