Juan Learning Support

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My name is Juan CHEN. Juan is pronounced as “Ju-Ann” in Mandarin Chinese. I was born and raised in Nanjing, China. In 2012, my international adventures started. I did some postgraduate research studies in Europe and in the US in the field of inclusive education and special educational needs. Right now, I live in Belgium and work as an Educational Support Coordinator at the European School.


By June 2021, I have worked for more than 8 years in international schools both in and outside Belgium through collaboration with multidisciplinary Student Support Teams on providing tiered learning support services to students with additional learning needs. I am a qualified teacher in China and obtained my Master's degree in Special and Inclusive Education in the UK. In June 2021, I obtained Trinity TESOL certificate for gaining qualification in teaching English as a second language. I am currently studying applied behavior analysis during spare time. By pursuing continuous professional development, I aspire to become a learning specialist and a behavior intervention specialist.


My combined experience with both young children and school children with special educational needs (SEN) enables me to better grasp the concept and importance of developmental milestones and early intervention. My work with students with SEN in international schools has always had a big component of providing English language support, as SEN and EAL tend to be intertwined, especially in the case of language-based learning difficulties. While doing educational research in the US, I received training and became a PEERS® Certified Provider in “Social Skills for Teenagers with Developmental & Autism Spectrum Disorders.” This training provided me with insight into the unique developmental phase of adolescence with and without learning difficulties.

In addition to my work in education, I am a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. During spare time, I am into fitness, yoga, jazz dance, long-distance running, cycling, hiking, music, art and travelling. I would like to bring fitness, mindfulness and positive behavior reinforcement into my work with students and support student well-being. I aspire to become a change agent, an advocate and an educational consultant to help teachers, students and families to navigate on their joint international education journeys.