Ivona is an academic coach and physicist with a keen interest in helping young people understand and appreciate the beauty and importance of physics. After winning the National Physics Olympiad in Macedonia, she was awarded a merit-based scholarship at Jacobs University Bremen – a unique, international university which celebrates diversity, critical thinking, and educational excellence.


She holds a Bachelors degree in physics and a Masters degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management. In 2015, she started a second Masters degree in physics and is currently working as a doctoral researcher at the Helmholtz Zentrum, where she focuses on the development and the physical understanding of relatively novel solar cell concepts. 


Ivona is an environmentalist, an avid reader, and a curious researcher, but above all – she is a kind and patient coach who wants to help those who struggle with math and physics. Ivona challenges young people to ask questions, be open-minded, and encourages them understand how the natural sciences can be just as fun, creative, and as facinating as any other subject of their interest.


Specializes in: Physics, Math, Chemistry


Country: Macedonia


Speaks: English, Macedonian