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Hi, I'm Shwetha! I am a Psychological Counselor with extensive experience working with various age groups, starting from pre-adolescents to adults. In 2013, I completed my Master’s in Counselling Psychology at Bangalore University. 

During my training, I interned with supervision at various schools in different parts of India. This gave me an understanding of the importance of providing the right help at the right time. Since then, I have worked extensively with schools and colleges, helping students and parents cope with any stressors they might be facing. 

Coming from India, the land of many cultures, and working in Berlin as a therapist has allowed me to help with people from different nationalities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. My international experience has also helped me appreciate the complexities and unique challenges that international students and families struggle with everyday. I truly believe in the immense potential that counseling has in creating a safe space for individuals to understand their challenges and bravely work through them. 

I specialize in self esteem, anxiety, depression, adjustment/transitioning challenges, parent coaching, and relationship issues. 

I am from India and I speak English, Hindi and Kannada.


Online & Face to face sessions in Berlin

What Clients Say

Again, I would like to express my absolute gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous work done by the Linden team - what a blessing. Charmaine Freitas, Senior Administrator International Christian School of Cascais
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