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Hi, I’m Oulaya! I’m a counselor and I work with students of all ages. I earned my Master’s degree in School Counseling from the Lebanese American University, Beirut-Lebanon. I strongly believe that the social and emotional wellbeing of students impacts their academics positively. 

I provide individual and group counseling sessions, focusing on social behavior, relational dynamics, emotional concerns, academic achievement, and community engagement. I have worked with students and families in crisis and provide grief counseling for students who have experienced trauma and death in the family. 

Most recently, I have dedicated a lot of time to dive deeply into the topic of Child Protection and Safeguarding Children, engaging in training, research and practical work experience. This prepared me to assume the responsibility of a Child Protection Officer. In this role, I have been involved with a variety of cases pertaining to students ages 3-18, and worked closely with the team of counselors and stakeholders to ensure the students’ needs are met and all are treated with respect and dignity. 

During this period when the pandemic is still taking its course, I continue to provide support to students needing social, emotional, academic follow-up and/or work on their executive functioning skills. I also provide support for parents, sharing with them parenting guidance and strategies to help them deal with their own stress and enable them to maintain their own families’ wellbeing. 

I specialize in: Individual & Group Counseling, Child Protection,Social & Emotional Learning, Grief Counseling, and Academic Achievement. 

I speak English, French, and Arabic.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

I sleep better at night knowing that the team at Linden Education is just a phone call away - James Steckart, Head THINK Global School
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