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School and Child Psychologist

Hi! I’m Noa Kanter, a Clinical Child Psychologist and the Head of Counseling Services and Safeguarding Officer at Linden Global Learning. I hold a Master’s degree in child clinical psychology from Bar-Ilan University and have several years of experience applying various therapeutic interventions in public health care clinics in Israel. Additionally, I’ve worked as a school psychologist, conducting psychoeducational assessments in the city of Holon, Israel.

Since moving to Berlin in 2016, I support families and staff from the international school community, providing counseling, psycho-educational assessments, and workshops. My workshops focus on promoting resilience, alleviating anxiety in learners, and providing positive behavioral support. As an educational psychologist, I strive to combine scientific knowledge from developmental evidence-based research with every child’s unique eco-system. I believe in creating alliances between students, parents, and teachers to promote optimal care.

For the past 3 years, I’ve led multiple consultation circles for international school counselors in over 52 countries, and designed and facilitated grief and crisis counseling support groups for schools facing challenges in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

I specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), emotion-regulation difficulties, adjustment to new culture, parent consultations, teacher training, grief and crisis counseling, assessments, ADHD, school-based interventions, anxiety, and depression.

I am currently based in Berlin and am also the mom of a bubbly and cheerful toddler who spreads joy wherever he goes.

I’m from Israel and speak Hebrew, English, and German.


Read Noa's blog here: Anxiety or Comfort? How Parents can Affect Children’s Perceptions of Life in Lockdown


Online & Face to face sessions

What Clients Say

Noa offered our son skills for a fantastic turn-around experience as he was coping with transitioning to life in a new city, a new language, and a new school culture. He's proud of what he did!
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