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Clinical Psychologist

Hi! I am Jon (aka Dr. J). I hold a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Over the course of the last 25 plus years, I have worked in over ten schools, including private, public, and international schools. In these communities, I have served as a high school principal, associate head of school, school counselor, director of student support, dean of students, summer director, teacher, trip leader, as well as soccer coach.  I offer coaching and consulting services for educational leaders who want to develop their leadership capacity and style. Whether new or highly experienced in administration, the role of leader is and has become increasingly challenging.  Having space, time, and resources to reflect, learn, and further your abilities is critical for efficacy and sustainability. Utilizing my experience as an psychologist, international educator, teacher, coach, collegiate soccer player, 3rd degree black belt practitioner, husband, and father, I offer authentic, warm and direct counseling, coaching, mentoring, and consulting to assist individuals in navigating the challenges of leadership, whether tied to a specific initiative or change management project or not, allowing for more work life balance, joy, humor, a deepening connection to work life purposed, self-defined success, impactful communication, and authenticity. 

My specialities include: individual and group leadership coaching, deepening leadership capacity, supporting authenticity and transparency, consulting on developing psychological safety and trust, student-centered and data-driven decision making, shifting school culture and program alignment to ensure SEL, DEIJ, belonging, and collective efficacy. 

​As a counselor....

I offer supportive services for adults, teens, families & couples who are experiencing struggles and challenges in their personal, professional, and/or school life. I offer authentic, warm and direct counseling, coaching, mentoring, and consulting to assist individuals in overcoming obstacles and challenges, allowing for fuller lives of purpose, meaning, and self-defined success. 

​Each life stage brings with it different joys and challenges. Some of these are predictable, but many are not. When life throws us the proverbial curveball, we are often surprised and knocked off balance or off course. These experiences can have a significant, lasting impact on one's sense of self, quality of life, and relationships. I work with clients across all age demographics and backgrounds to navigate these situations with grace, humility, openness, and a mindset of learning and growth.

My counseling specialities include: counseling male clients, parent coaching, managing worry and doubt, developing focus and purpose, meditation and mindfulness, motivation and achieving goals.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

I sleep better at night knowing that the team at Linden Education is just a phone call away - James Steckart, Head THINK Global School
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