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Counselor & Arts Therapist

Hello I am Annabelle! ​I have over 15 years experience working as a counselor and therapist with children, adolescents and parents. I value a relationship-based counseling experience and bring my whole self to the work I do. My approach to counseling is grounded in my training as an Arts Therapist (M.A.) and Autism specialist (M.Ed.). 

Since 2006, I have had the privilege of working with multiple international schools in The Netherlands as a freelance counselor and wellbeing consultant. For the past ten years, I have been working as the Student Wellbeing Coordinator and School Counselor at the International School of The Hague.  

I am a reliable and experienced counselor, who specializes in working with neurodivergent individuals. The counseling I offer follows no one-size-fits-all script or protocol. I take the time to observe, listen and acknowledge what the client brings to the counseling space. I may guide the client by suggesting they draw or write what they are experiencing. There may be moments of silence too, as sitting with that silence can have meaning and purpose. Together with the client, we find ways to facilitate change and encourage exploring feelings with non-judgment and self-love. Through this process, clients can learn what their values and needs are in life and how to express these to others. I bring to the counseling relationship my own neurodivergent experiences as a Dyslexic and Dyspraxic.

Through counseling, I learned how to value myself and my unique ways. I can now proudly say I have Dyslexic superpowers and I love sharing this with others.

I am British/Dutch and I speak Dutch and English.


Online sessions only

What Clients Say

Annabelles help was a step I didn't think I would make, but when I did I never regretted it. Annabelle truly helped me, something I greatly appreciate. It was the first time I could self reflect and properly improve a process that is still going. It was nice to be able to talk, trust and be understood. I learnt a lot about myself thanks to Annabelle.
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