Hi, I’m Brian! I’ve worked in the education sector since 2006. I have experience as a boarding school classroom teacher working with students with learning differences, and I have over 10 years of experience as a higher education administrator in the US, Pakistan, and Germany. I have a master’s degree in teaching from Olivet University, in Anza, California, and a master’s degree in higher education and student affairs from Indiana University. I focus on building relationships with the students I support as well as with the faculty and staff I collaborate with, to create positive learning environments where everyone can thrive.


While my earlier work focused on supporting students with learning differences, my more recent work has been on the policy and procedure level. My work extends to creating and implementing emergency response plans, developing responses to incidents of bias and other community challenges, and training and supervising new professionals. 


I specialize in: third culture kids, coaching, organizational management, external reviews & audits, teacher training, leadership coaching, 1:1 student mentoring, resiliency training, staff training and policy/procedure writing and revising.


I’m American and I speak English and German.