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Mental Health & Inclusion Support for Boarding Schools

As an international educational support agency, we know that while global education in a residential setting offers incredible opportunities for learning and growth, it also carries unique challenges. Our English speaking team of compassionate counselors and educators are experts in building resilience and agency in students by providing the care, skills, and support they need.

Connect to our global team of learning and mental health specialists so you can spend less time worrying and more time leading.


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Compassionate counseling for building resilience 

Are your students struggling with the demands of living and learning far from home? Do you need a more agile and diverse counseling team than currently available for you locally?


In collaboration with your staff, our international team of online school counselors and psychologists offer students solutions-focused mental health support and guidance in any time zone.


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A comprehensive ONLINE student support services team 

Do you feel overwhelmed by your students’ learning needs? Would you like to offer more special needs support than is currently available? 

Our international team of experts fills the gaps in your student support services team by working directly with students and staff in individual or small group sessions. We can also support staff by creating team strategies, designing interventions, developing individualized learning plans, providing trainings, and answering questions. 

School Psychologists on Wings


ON cALL psychological support & Assessments

at your doorstep

Do you need a school psychologist on short notice for an emergency? Is hiring an additional on-site school psychologist not feasible for your school?


In emergency situations, our highly qualified psychologists can come to your campus within 48 hours of a request. Psychoeducational assessments can be arranged on short notice as well, either in person or online. Our state of the art cognitive, achievement, and social emotional evaluations help you understand your students' unique learning profiles and guide intervention planning.

Staff & Leadership Coaching


On-demand solutions-focused support

for leaders, counselors & staff

Are you thinking about making a change in your school, your leadership style, or your teaching? Do your staff find it difficult to manage the stressors of boarding school life? Does your position demand high levels of confidentiality that leaves you feeling isolated? 


Our experienced leadership coaches and consultants can offer their support as mentors to guide you in your development and help your staff align with your school’s mission. We are available online or on site to help you implement practical solutions that will have a positive effect on your school climate as well as your own well-being.

Available online or on site as needed, our international team includes highly qualified:

  • Educational Psychologists 

  • Learning Support Specialists 

  • Clinical & Counseling Psychologists 

  • Behavior Specialists 

  • Speech & Language Therapists 

  • Occupational Therapists 

  • Autism Spectrum Specialists 

  • Leadership Coaches 

  • Inclusion Consultants


Lower your hiring costs by accessing student support specialists on an hourly basis or via International Health Insurance companies


No more waiting lists for mental health and special needs services

Gain peace of mind

with our network of student support professionals

Working with Linden Global Learning gives schools access to a comprehensive international student support network without having to hire a whole fleet of specialists.

Student Support Services

at Your Fingertips


Student Support Services at Your Fingertips

Simple Online Booking

Appointments can be arranged within 24 hours of a request through our website. Secure video conferencing platforms allow staff and students to connect with us from any time zone.

Quick On-Site Support
School psychologists and consultants can come to your school on short notice as needed.


Ongoing Guidance & Feedback
Schools that select ongoing support services receive a case manager who will provide you with monthly check-ins as requested and biannual evaluation reports.

Flexible Payment Plans
From individual health insurance billing to school-based retainer agreements, we offer a range of payment options. Talk with us about finding the right plan for your school.


The most successful cases we have managed this year were those in which students were seeing your therapists. 
I don’t think we could function without Linden” 

- Boarding School Counselor