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Guided Support Group for

Parents & Carers of

Neurodiverse Children in Berlin


Are you struggling to get the support your neurodivergent child needs?


Do you feel lost, lonely and confused about what to do or how to help your child with their developmental challenges?

Are you looking for people who really understand to help you work through your fears in a safe and confidential environment?


If that sounds like you, join our guided support group for parents of children with autism in Berlin. Coffee, tea and warm smiles included


What is the support group About?

This support group for parents and carers of neurodiverse children and children on the autism spectrum is a safe space for parents and carers to share their worries, challenges, stories, successes, resources, and strategies with the help and guidance of experienced therapists, psychologists, and neurodiversity specialists.


What can I expect during a session?

The monthly gathering will help you understand your child's autism; enter into your child's world, find ways to foster interaction and communication; and develop understanding of your child’s behavior and how to confidently support them. Facilitators ensure that dynamic, strengths focused conversations leave everyone feeling seen, heard, and energized at the end of every session. Each session will have a specific theme, including strategies from therapeutic professionals, based on the participants’ needs and requests. Guest speakers from Linden's neurodiversity support team may join and facilitate mini workshops depending on the needs of the group.

How long aRE the sessionS?

Each group will meet for 90 minutes.


Evenings at Linienstr 130, 10115 Berlin, Germany (Mitte). 

How many meetings can I attend and how much does it cost?
The first meeting is FREE and you attend as many sessions as you need! After your first meeting, you may decide to purchase packages for either 5 or 10 sessions. Each meeting runs for 90 mins and costs 20 EUR. One ticket is good for a family (one or two parents/caregivers may attend). 



Our mission is to support the Berlin and International School Community in providing expertise and services for children on the Autism Spectrum. Our diverse team of educators, therapists, and psychologists are committed to helping children on the spectrum reach their highest potential, socially, emotionally, and academically. The Linden Autism team brings a unique blend of skills and sincere dedication to improving the lives of children on the spectrum and their families. Read more about the our Neurodiversity Support Team here  

Meet The Facilitators

Abigail Speech Therapy


Speech-language Pathologist
Read more about Abigail here



School & Child Psychologist
Read more about Noa here

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