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Hi, I'm Arianna, the Client Success Manager at Linden. I come from the beautiful city of Rome, Italy, and have spent the past decade living abroad, immersing myself in diverse cultures and languages. I earned a Master’s degree in Studies of the Far East from La Sapienza University of Rome. During my academic journey, I lived and studied in China and Japan, where I not only practiced the languages but also had the privilege of teaching Italian and English to locals, experiencing the richness of their cultures.

In 2016, I relocated to Berlin, marking the start of my professional journey where I acquired extensive experience and knowledge of German immigration laws and bureaucracy. I've had the privilege of assisting numerous international families from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing empathy and kindness in every client interaction to ensure they feel understood throughout their journey of seeking the specialized support they need.

I am Italian and fluent in Italian, English and German. I have proficiency in Spanish, and I speak very rusty Japanese and Chinese.

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