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Hi, I’m Anna! I have a M.A. in education and human development with a focus on early childhood special education from George Washington University in Washington, DC.


With nearly 10 years spent teaching in a classroom, I have been afforded opportunities to help students and their families in a variety of ways. In the early years of teaching, I taught adapted instruction to young children with severe learning, developmental, physical, and medical disabilities. In 2014, I moved to London, UK and worked primarily with children with autism. When I returned to Washington, DC in 2016 I utilized the knowledge from my past teaching experiences to lead a piloted self-contained classroom. Within this classroom, students received intensive, differentiated instruction designed around their IEP goals and state standards.


I am dedicated to bridging the relationships between school and home. Through quality family partnerships, I truly believe that children flourish when they are shown kindness and given the proper tools, instruction, and time.

I specialize in reading, math, and social-emotional instruction designed around IEP goals for students ages 3-10.


I’m American and I speak English


What Parents Say...
"We are very lucky to have met Anna. Anna has been absolutely terrific, always super prepared, reliable, professional and friendly, with helpful tips for what we can do to support W. I wish she could move with us! W has made good progress and never once complained about extra work – like she used to with other tutors or us"